Newsletter May 2019

Vicar’s Address
Christ is risen, he is risen indeed! Alleluia!
Well the great celebrations of Easter have been but the season of Easter has just begun. In the church calendar Easter continues through to Pentecost Sunday on 14 June. During the Easter Season our readings concentrate on the time between the resurrection and the Ascension on Thursday 30 May, with Sunday 16 May being Trinity Sunday.
I really appreciate the Season of Lent. Our services have a more reflective focus as we review our lives and our relationship with God, our Lenten Studies and the first of our Quiet Days for the year.
The displays in church, the reflection room and the Easter Garden all add greatly to this very special season. A great thank you to Ann Rollinson, to the Pukekohe Garden Friends and our parishioners who help to put the garden together. This has also been a good time to enhance relationships with each other as we have joined in study groups, the seniors’ lunch, and the Passover meals. These are all important and special times in the life of the parish.
On Palm Sunday evening we were blessed with a wonderful presentation of Haydn’s Creation by the Handel Consort & Quire. We are lucky to have them present four concerts this year at St Andrew’s: Mid-year an a cappella concert — 11 August; Julius Caesar — 13 October; and a Christmas concert — 8 December.
To help us with our continued reflection and spiritual growth we are fortunate to have Jan Sampson coming to lead us for a Quiet Day on Saturday 27 July from 10am to 3pm. More information and the topic will be included in the Messenger closer to the time. You may like to put this in your diary now so you don’t miss out.
It is great to see one of the longest-running agenda items at the Vestry meetings finally come to an end with the removal of the beech tree. While there has been the odd negative comment about this there have been many more positive comments on the value of now being able to appreciate the structure and architecture of the building. As part of the mitigation for the removal of the tree we are required to do some more planting. It is our intention to plant a miniature kowhai towards the left-hand side when facing the church. It is required to be within 5 metres of the site of the beech tree. This is planned to take place on Saturday 27 April. There is more about this later in the Messenger. The area around the archway and church is still under discussion.
We will now be proceeding to obtain a full investigation of the earthquake requirements for the church building and hopefully some remediation work in relation to the cracks. We will be applying for grants to assist with this work.
I would like to express my appreciation to the many people who have contributed to the work, worship and ministry of the parish over the Lenten Season and over Easter.
Blessings to you all this Easter Season

We welcome Joan and Dick Renall as our new residents in Unit Two of our Retirement Village. There are still a few odd jobs needing completion but we are dependent on contractors and parts being available.

Bible Readings in May
May 5
First: Acts 9: 1-6 (8am Graeme, 9.30am Geraldine)
Gospel: John 21: 1-19 (Alistair, Drama)
Theme: Turning Point of Transformation
3rd Sunday of Easter
May 12
First: Acts 9: 36-43 (Joan, John)
Gospel: John 10: 22-20 (Ian, Neville)
Theme: Identity of Resistance
4th Sunday of Easter
May 19
First: Acts 11: 1-18 (Graham, Viv)
Gospel: John 13: 31-35 (Heather, Jill)
Theme: Spirit of Solidarity
5th Sunday of Easter
May 26
First: Acts 16: 16-34 (Jan, John)
Gospel: John 17: 20-26 (Pauline, Sylvia)
Theme: The Power of Listening
6th Sunday of Easter
NB: If you are unable to do your duty on the rostered date, please try to arrange a swap with someone on this Roster. If you are unable to arrange a swap, please choose a person who is not on this month’s roster to fill in for you, then please notify Noeline in the Parish Office.

Rest Homes
Palms Rest Home: 10.30am Tuesday May 7
Lakeside Rest Home: 10.30am Wednesday May 8
Palms Hospital: 11am Tuesday May 14
Pukekohe Hospital: 10.30am Wednesday May 15
Possum Bourne Village: 11am Tuesday May 28
Franklin Village: 10.30am Thursday May 30
Anyone who wishes is welcome to join us at these services

From the Parish Registers
April 21: Daniel Jonathan Menzies

Beech tree finally removed
We have finally had the beech tree in front of the church removed.
With sustainability in mind, we have completed this project with minimal carbon emissions to the environment.
Firstly a tree with a different root structure, a miniature kowhai, will be planted to replace it, to the right of the church’s Queen St entrance. It has to be planted within 5m of where the beech tree grew.
The mulch from the beech tree has been used in the parish gardens and the rest delivered to the Franklin Food Forest at Pukekohe High School. The wood has largely been given to people who do wood turning. Some will be used to replace items in the vicarage Easter Garden and a large proportion has been retained to turn into bio-char.
The tree will be planted on the same day as the Garage Sale, on Saturday April 27.
John Allen will light a fire on the site at 9am. This will generate bio char which will then be buried under our kowhai to remove atmospheric carbon, which is a significant contributor to climate change. John will be on site to answer questions and to help us and our children to have a better understanding of what we can do to help our environment and provide a better future for the generations yet to come.
I am sure many of you will already be aware of the major issue facing our world today by the way of climate change. Our young people are very aware of this and are sharing their knowledge with protest action here and around the world, including huge protests in Britain.

Learning more about ourselves and others
The tragic event that happened recently in Christchurch is a reminder to us that our world is small and we are part of that and not isolated from it. Yes, tragedy both natural and people-instigated happens, even in New Zealand.
As a result of the March 15 terrorist attacks, however, I sense there is an enhanced awareness and interest in the different faiths that make up our community. We are one people, but do we really know each other? Do we know how beliefs are the same and how they are different, so there can be increased harmony and understanding between us?
At St Andrew’s we opened our doors and invited anyone to come in and, if they chose, to light a candle in memory of those who had so tragically lost their lives. On the Friday after the attack we rang the church bell at 3pm. Fifty times for the number of lives lost (this has since risen to 51), with the timing tying in with ringing of bells nationwide.
On social media some queried our action in inviting different faiths into the church.
To me this reflects Christ’s life, actions, acceptance and love and we are called to do likewise. Seeing armed police outside the mosque in Pukekohe shows life is not what it used to be. Bob and I met a young Muslim family through social media and have shared afternoon tea in their home.
Bob and I have accepted the following invitation as we seek a greater understanding to learn more about the beliefs of others who share our community.
“For the third year in a row, in the month of Ramadan, Holy Trinity Cathedral will extend an invitation to our Muslim friends to share in the Iftar meal here at the Cathedral.
The month of Ramadan is a month of fasting in the Islamic tradition and one of its features is breaking of the fast at sunset.
This year, the Dean would also like to extend an invitation to the Diocesan clergy to join us and participate in the Iftar meal.
In particular but not exclusively, this invitation is to those willing to get engaged in interfaith dialogue, those with churches with mosques and Islamic centres in their neighbourhoods and those who might consider organising an Iftar in their churches and halls. We also welcome teachers of Religious Education in our schools to join us.
The number of guests is limited and each will receive direction on which food to contribute to share in this shared meal.
This is a great opportunity to meet our Muslim friends, and mutually learn about each other, as well as enrich our own interfaith experience in ministry wherever we are.
We at the Cathedral look forward to hosting you and our Muslim friends at this special meal, on Monday, May 20, at 5.15 pm.”
I am hoping we can meet across the faiths, chat and learn respectfully more about ourselves and others.

Some say it with a sense of relief — the tree is gone.
From a sustainability perspective, relief is well founded, for the beech tree out front of the church was undermining the church’s foundations.
From the perspective of cherishing our Earth, I was saddened that such a glorious tree had to be cut down in the interests of sustainability. But it had to be, and in the interests of sustainability, we then had to ensure that some of the carbon embodied in that tree did not return to the atmosphere as the wood decayed. This would not have added to the drivers of global warming, for wood is carbon neutral. But in the absence of other significant actions to reduce our carbon emissions, we need to take carbon out of the atmosphere. Stopping some carbon from returning to the atmosphere has the same impact as taking it out.
So we have retained some of the timber for wood turning and furniture making, some for firewood and some for garden mulching.
So how does that work?
To learn more come and join me at the Charcoal Fire on Saturday’s Earth Day event (April 27 from 9am to 12 noon) and ask the question.
John Allen
Sustainability Fieldworker | Anglican Diocese of Auckland
Ph. 021-463 686 |

Social opportunities
Put this on your calendar!
Parish Breakfast
The next breakfast will be on Sunday May 26 at 8.45am. For catering purposes please add your name to the list in the Church foyer or let Noeline, in the Parish office, know if you would like to join us.

Mothers’ Union
Wednesday May 1, 10am. Meet in the Parish Lounge for Service and meeting. All Welcome.

Women’s Fellowship
Thursday May 16, 10am. Meet at the Church for Communion. All Welcome
Wool to knit beanies for homeless people
Please leave in the office or with Judith & Alistair Parke. Thank you ~ Pat Kelly.

Regular Events
Reflective Spiritual Growth in Church

2pm on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. Contact Jo for details. Ph. 238-7716.
Monday Night Study Group
7pm — 8pm. This is a small group that discusses the Sunday’s readings. If you are interested in joining the group you are most welcome. Please let Jan know Ph. 238-7723 or 0274-521366.
Friends of the Food Garden ~ Education Session. Wednesdays at 7pm.

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